Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As you know I haven't blogged in a great while. I got out of the habit for one and for another thing I was convinced that no one was reading what I was writing. I have recently been encouraged that I did have readers. (Thanks J.L.) So just to get back into the practice I have a blog about something I've been thinking about today.
Friends... We're doing a study in Sunday School on Philippians. In the opening of the first chapter Paul writes to the Philippians about how they are in his heart. (v.7) And because of this he says, "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for you I always pray with joy," (v.3 and 4) As I understand at this time Paul is under house arrest in Rome. He could not be with the ones he loved. They were miles apart and still they had ties to each other. I have people like that in my life. Whether because of circumstance or distance we can't be together. Yet they still have a piece of my heart. I think of everyone who use to attend Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Some of them I don't see for years at a time yet when we see each other, for me, it's as if no time has passed. I think this may be the kind of bond that Paul was talking about with the Philippians. The study guide says " When you love someone, that person tends to get inside of you. Your heart blends with that person's heart. There is something about the bond friends in Christ share that remains strong even when time a distance separate them." I think that pretty much sums it up for me.
This goes out to all the old Vineyard crowd. With a special emphases on Matt and Kathy. I was looking through some old pictures the other day. They were from when Emma was born. I have pictures of Matt and Kathy and the boys with our family. And I realized that even though we aren't in each others day to day life anymore the family ties our families have shared are still as strong as ever. Love you guys and hope to see you soon!


EngineersFalcon said...

I am so glad to see you blog again. I for one had missed you. I hope all is well. Friends that your stays in sync with when you are far apart are a wonderful blessing.

Henry said...

Great post Heather - keep at it!