Thursday, May 5, 2011


OK, so I substituted at the pre-school today in the two-year-old class, (That's not the weird part) and while we were on the playground one of the little boys fell and hit his chin on a toy car. We did all the teacherly things, patched him up and called his grandmother to come check it out. The lady I was working with mentioned that it was the first time this year they had anything like that happen.

So then this evening the kids were playing in the back yard and Katie fell and hit her knee on one of the steps of the deck. I seriously thought she was going to have to have a few stitches at first. Turns out she is OK and I'm taking her to the Children's clinic in the morning to have her checked out.

Maybe it's just me but I thought it was totally strange to have something like that happen twice in one day. I also think it's strange that I had stitches by the time I was three. And again before I was Katie's age. My kids have NEVER had any stitches or broken bones or anything like that. I'm totally thankful and if I were superstitious I would be looking for some wood to knock on. I thought it was normal for kids to injure themselves on a regular basis, maybe I just shelter them to much. Hmmm... and if we have prevented serious injury up to this point, is that a bad thing?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

Last week the kids were out of school on Spring Break. When I was a kid I know the words Spring Break caused great joy. I was unaware that they caused terror to Mom in equal measure. A whole week to entertain the kids and keep them from killing each other or me killing them. It's not just the week, which is really no big deal, it is the promise that in one short month, there will be THREE months on end of the same.
At least that is how I use to feel. This spring break flew by and I wasn't ready for it to end. I think that had something to do with Easter being at the end of the week off instead of at the beginning. We played hard all week and instead of resting we partied all weekend.
We had a wonderful Easter. Andy came out of his office where he has been in end-of-semester induced hibernation. I think the sun hurt his eyes at first and he had a hard time standing up straight but once he worked the kinks out it was good to see him. We had a cookout at Becky's on Saturday which has been a family tradition since Katie was born. So this was our 10th year. Then on Sunday we had a wonderful church service where we remembered the true meaning of Easter. (HE is RISEN!) Then we had Easter dinner at my house. In total about 5 egg hunts, two huge meals, tons of family, and more candy than we know what to do with. Well the kids have some ideas, but I won't let them consume it from dawn till dark, mean Mother that I am.
I think the best thing we did for spring break was an impromptu trip to Charleston where we got to hang with the Beam Bunch for a few days. We had a blast hanging out and catching up. Charleston is lovely as always but our favorite attraction is Matt, Kathy, Josh, David, Seth, and Annabeth.
Now it's back to school and looking forward to summer. Heaven help us!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ok so this is a true story. This afternoon the kids and I were in the living room watching Ned's Declassified school survival guide. (For those of you who don't know that REALLY is a show) Andy comes home to get some papers he needed and Katie walks out to see him and scream "Is is alive?!?!" So of course all of us jump up to check out what they are talking about. There is a snake in the mud room. I'm not kidding a freaking snake has came into my house and is chilling in the mud room. Andy came in and thought it was one of the boys rubber snakes and he almost picked it up. If he had, he would have screamed shriller than Katie. (and that's saying something!) So Andy and I caught the snake in the critter keeper so Dad can identify it. In case your worried we found one like it last year and it turned out to not be poisonous. Not sure how comforting that is, he may have told his deadly pals about the cool hangout. I'm thinking that it got cool outside this afternoon so it came into the warmer house to be comfortable. (Thank you Andy for not turning on the air conditioner.) Needless to say I think I will be looking down the next time I go into the mud room.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As you know I haven't blogged in a great while. I got out of the habit for one and for another thing I was convinced that no one was reading what I was writing. I have recently been encouraged that I did have readers. (Thanks J.L.) So just to get back into the practice I have a blog about something I've been thinking about today.
Friends... We're doing a study in Sunday School on Philippians. In the opening of the first chapter Paul writes to the Philippians about how they are in his heart. (v.7) And because of this he says, "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for you I always pray with joy," (v.3 and 4) As I understand at this time Paul is under house arrest in Rome. He could not be with the ones he loved. They were miles apart and still they had ties to each other. I have people like that in my life. Whether because of circumstance or distance we can't be together. Yet they still have a piece of my heart. I think of everyone who use to attend Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Some of them I don't see for years at a time yet when we see each other, for me, it's as if no time has passed. I think this may be the kind of bond that Paul was talking about with the Philippians. The study guide says " When you love someone, that person tends to get inside of you. Your heart blends with that person's heart. There is something about the bond friends in Christ share that remains strong even when time a distance separate them." I think that pretty much sums it up for me.
This goes out to all the old Vineyard crowd. With a special emphases on Matt and Kathy. I was looking through some old pictures the other day. They were from when Emma was born. I have pictures of Matt and Kathy and the boys with our family. And I realized that even though we aren't in each others day to day life anymore the family ties our families have shared are still as strong as ever. Love you guys and hope to see you soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This is 14 of my 16 first cousins. Were a cute bunch, if a little dorkie. We had a family reunion today in Ga. It was so cool to see everyone. Most of us have kids now. We figured it out on the way home. As far as my Grandfather is concerned he has 5 kids, 17 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and 1 great-great grandchild. If you lost count that equals 41. WOW that is quite a legacy! My grandfather also turned 80 on January 2nd.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer wrap-up!

We have had a great summer. We went to Charleston for a week in June. We usually go to visit our dear friends the Beam's, however they were out of town (and graciously allowed us to stay in their house) so we did all the touristy stuff. Which was not cheep but I had my Mom with me who was determined to make it an "educational and cultural" trip so she helped out a lot. We saw Cypress Gardens where they filmed a scene from The Notebook. It was cool. We also went to Magnolia Plantation, there we did a swamp tour, a tour of the house, a trolley ride and walked in the gardens. My brother said the only way to see more of the plantation was to fly over it or tunnel under it. My brother moved to Charleston a few years ago and we don't see him often, we saw him everyday we were there. We also saw Transformers at the Hipadrome. We had so much fun, however next time we go I'm looking forward to seeing our real favorite attraction, The Beam Bunch.
We have also went hiking at South Mountain twice, Picnicked in the mountains, under the Peach in Gaffney and various other places, we have been to Kid Senses museum, rode our bikes in the driveway, Swam in various pools, played in sprinklers, and done yard work.
We have been sunburned, tanned, bug bitten, skinned knees, bit by a cat (ME), tortured our siblings (them), bit by ticks (EW!), caught frogs, spent the night everywhere (Katie and Emma), had people over to spend the night, watched movies, stayed up late, slept late, and learned one bible verse REALLY well. I'm exhausted!
As far as my summer goals. The kids did do their chores everyday, however reluctantly. Some days it took threats, and teeth pulling, but it did get done. We did not sit and eat breakfast together ever morning while having a devotion. However we did learn a bible verse Philippians 1:6 being confident of this that he who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. I hope it is hidden in their hearts. Katie finished a few chapter books and wrote me a few book reports, but she had to be threatened to not have anymore sleepovers until she finished Judy Moody saves the world. We did do a lot of free things but we also spent more money that I would have liked, mostly at Wal Mart. That place is dangerous for people on a budget.
I hope you have all had great summers and will enjoy your last two weeks of free time. We plan to do some fun things this week if they can remember how to act. Then next week getting back on school time sleep schedules. It is easier to be a zombie when they don't have school to deal with too. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the games begin!

School is out. I feel at once excited and terrified by the idea. I hope to keep the house in order, have the kids exercise and not forget everything they have learned this school year. The kids and I will all have chores and bible study every day. They are also required to put on "day cloths" everyday. I have grand plans of doing a lot of free things with the kids this summer like hiking, picnics and the like. I must also maintain a very strict budget (thank you very much State of North Carolina). So all in all it is stacking up to be a pretty busy summer. I hope I can acomplish at least some of these things whilst not screaming at my kids or scaring them for life. *sigh* I better get busy. Hope you all have plans for wonderful summers. If any of you have any suggestions on the free stuff let me know.