Thursday, May 5, 2011


OK, so I substituted at the pre-school today in the two-year-old class, (That's not the weird part) and while we were on the playground one of the little boys fell and hit his chin on a toy car. We did all the teacherly things, patched him up and called his grandmother to come check it out. The lady I was working with mentioned that it was the first time this year they had anything like that happen.

So then this evening the kids were playing in the back yard and Katie fell and hit her knee on one of the steps of the deck. I seriously thought she was going to have to have a few stitches at first. Turns out she is OK and I'm taking her to the Children's clinic in the morning to have her checked out.

Maybe it's just me but I thought it was totally strange to have something like that happen twice in one day. I also think it's strange that I had stitches by the time I was three. And again before I was Katie's age. My kids have NEVER had any stitches or broken bones or anything like that. I'm totally thankful and if I were superstitious I would be looking for some wood to knock on. I thought it was normal for kids to injure themselves on a regular basis, maybe I just shelter them to much. Hmmm... and if we have prevented serious injury up to this point, is that a bad thing?

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